Soon after the farm began, spine injuries suffered by Lena and subsequent surgeries curtailed any "big farming" plans, and Dan scaled-down the garden plots to grow just for his family and close friends. Usually, just once a week on a weekend day was enough time for Dan to do what he wished to do. Lena always came too, and helped out, as her health allowed. She cherished the time she spent there, feeling replenished after her visits. Today, though, Lena’s health makes it difficult to participate in the gardens to the degree she would like to.

Prior to placing the property up for sale, on a special Facebook Page,, and on a previous version of this very web site, Dan and Lena shared their gardening adventures with friends and followers. Lena enjoyed cooking - inspired by the food they grew - and often shared recipes. She was also a dedicated canner and posted many “how-tos” on the Green Acres’ Facebook Page.

Last year, they did not plant their usual garden plots, since they knew they were going to put the farm up for sale. The lucky buyers were not too disappointed that “vegetables ready to harvest” were not growing. When preparing to sell the farm, Dan and Lena also hoped that the photos - of past gardens - they shared on this web site showed the great potential Green Acres Farm has.

Why did they sell Green Acres Farm? It was time.

Dan and Lena met the family that bought their beloved little farm, and know they will love it as much as they did.

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All photos depict either the farm or vegetables

and fruit grown on the farm during past years


Want to see other properties?

Contact & Agent: Terri Dorsey

PH: 615-594-1819


FACEBOOK: For Sale: Small Farm in Tennessee